HAZEL GREEN, Wis. — Voters in two local school districts recently approved ballot measures that will finance a construction project and school operational expenses.

During the spring election, Southwestern Wisconsin Community School District voters passed a $2.5 million measure for athletic field and elementary school playground renovations and improvements.

The results — with 750 voting in favor and 512 against — were posted on social media too late Monday night for Tuesday’s edition of the Telegraph Herald, after a federal judge barred the release of results until at least 4 p.m. Monday.


“It will be such a positive thing for our school district,” said Superintendent John Costello. “It will allow us to have all of our varsity competition on campus. It will allow our students to practice on (competition) surface track.”

The district anticipates that, if state school funding remains constant, residents will see no additional tax impacts. Costello said that was a key difference between this year’s ballot measure and a failed measure brought before voters in 2017.

The previous measure requested $2.5 million alongside a successful $10 million ask for school renovations.

“I think people are happy with the things that are happening within our school district, with the improvements that we’ve made with our previous referendum,” he said.

Delta 3 Engineering is overseeing the athletic project’s design, but a bid date has not been established, Costello said. Construction could begin in June but might kick off sooner if students remain at 1分11选5平台. The state ordered the closure of all Wisconsin schools in March for an indefinite period to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The project includes a track; baseball, discus, football, shot put and softball fields; and jump runways for track and field events. The district is on target for completion in time for the spring 2021 sports season.

The plan also includes one playground, slated for completion by the fall.

Meanwhile, Cassville School District voters greenlighted — with 399 in support and 127 voting against — the collection of up to $1 million annually from 2021 to 2023 and $1.2 million annually from 2024 to 2026.

Of those dollars, only $600,000 will represent a permanent increase, meaning that the collection of that portion will continue after 2026.

“The voters are giving us the authority to use it,” said Superintendent John Luster. “It doesn’t necessarily mean we have to use a dollar of that.”

If the district spends the same amount in 1分11选5平台-21 that it did this year — about $850,000 — property owners will see no tax impacts.

But for every additional $50,000 it spends above $850,000, the tax levy will increase by about 32 cents per $1,000 in assessed property value.

The district will determine how much of the authority to use in October, Luster said.

Officials said the new ballot measure is needed because a previous measure expired during the 2019-20 budget year.

Below are the results of school board races that districts have released to date. Vote totals are provided for contested races:


School board (pick two):

Bob Knight (i)

Jean O’Neill (i)


School board (pick three):

Area A: Tracy Fishnick (i)

Area D: Lynn Kirschbaum (i)

Area E: Duane Kartman (i)


Area 3: Jessica Munson

Area 7: Kristin Spurley (i)


School board (pick three):

Andy Busch — 765

Tony Dahl (i) — 621

Joni Heisner — 702

Debra Hintz — 413

Bob Janetka — 436

Gary Sullivan (i) — 631


School board (pick three):

Josh Grabandt (i) — 1,674

Curt Timlin (i) — 1,526

Matt Zielinski (i) — 2,022

James Wages — 681


School board (pick two):

Nicholas Gilberts (i) – 1,239

Kristin Davis — 764

Duane Rogers — 908


School board (pick two):

Jacinda Gunnell (i)

Chad Teasdale (i)


Area 2:

Steve Hoppman (i) — 828

Christopher Lisk — 309

Area 3:

Brian Splinter (i)

Area 4:

John Klein (i) — 486

Anne Redfearn — 628

Other area school districts are slated to release official election results today and Thursday, April 16. They include the Belmont, Boscobel, Cuba City, Darlington, Fennimore, Potosi and River Ridge school districts.