Mr. Welu recently parroted his hero President Trump and the hot air right wing media machine and claimed “experts” did not see the COVID-19 pandemic coming. Horse hockey. Actual experts (those who are not Trump’s handpicked toadies) had plenty of warning that this would happen, as far back November of last year that there was a new virus that could have catastrophic effects on the world.

Also, the president largely fired the real experts and now has his son-in-law coordinating the response. He and his people ignored the playbook the previous administration prepared to help them, all because it was something President Obama’s people had prepared.


Because of his incompetence, the response to the pandemic on the part of the federal government has been a massive dumpster fire. We have shortages of vital medical supplies. We have a federal government that has told states — especially blue ones whose governments don’t kiss Trump’s ring — they are on their own.

Over 20,000 of our fellow Americans have died due to this pandemic, and many of their deaths could have been prevented if Trump did his job. If Trump had listened to the real experts and followed the playbook, while COVID-19 might have had an impact, it likely would not have been as severe, and we’d be on the downward slope now, instead of facing catastrophic health and economic consequences as we are now.